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Pluripotent Stem Cell

Human CD Antigens ‎Poster

CD Antigen Expression Poster This poster is 59x84 cm (23 x 33  inches) and includes CD marker  details, leukocyte lineage  pathways, and cell expression ‎ patterns as updated at the 9th  HLDA congress.‎

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CFU-Eo Stromal Cells Dendritic Cells Activated Macrophage Activated Basophil Activated Eosinophil Activated Neutrophil Granulocytes Macrophage Endothelial Cells Activated Platelets Basophil Eosinophil Neutrophil Monocyte Platelets Erythrocyte Reticulocyte Megakaryocyte Promonocyte Myelocyte Myelocyte Myelocyte CFU-Bas CFU-Eo CFU-G CFU-M CFU-Meg CFU-E CFU-GM Macrophage Basophil Eosinophil Neutrophil Monocyte Platelets Erythrocyte Myelocyte Myelocyte Myelocyte Promonocyte Megakaryocyte Reticulocyte CFU-Bas CFU-G CFU-M CFU-Meg CFU-E CFU-GM Pluripotent Sterm Cell CFU-GEMM Myeloid Stem CellCFU-GEMM Myeloid Stem Cell BFU-E BFU-EBone MarrowBloodTissue Lymphoid Stem Cell Medullary Thymocyte Cortical Thymocyte Medullary Thymocyte Subcortical Thymocyte Pre-Pre-B Cell Pro-B Cell Pre-B Cell Early B Cell Helper/Inducer T Lymphocyte Mature B Cell Intermediate B Cell LGL/Null Cell/NK Cell Cytotoxic/Suppressor T Lymphocyte ImmunoblastRegulatory/Inducer T Lymphocyte Lymphoplasmacytoid Cell Plasma Cell Activated T Cell Helper/Inducer T LymphocyteActivated B Cell Plasma Cell Lymphoplasmacytoid Cell Immunoblast Mature B Cell Cytotoxic/Suppressor T Lymphocyte Regulatory/Inducer T Lymphocyte LGL/Null Cell/NK Cell Intermediate B Cell Medullary Thymocyte Medullary Thymocyte Cortical Thymocyte Subcortical Thymocyte Early B Cell Pre-B Cell Pre-Pre-B Cell Pro-B Cell Pluripotent Sterm Cell Lymphoid Stem Cell Bone Marrow Blood Tissue Thymus Lymph Node